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Surg-Assist is an upcoming group of professionals dedicated to creating the most enhanced network between healthcare professionals and attorneys throughout the nation.

Who We Are

Surg-Assist is one of the Nation’s leading providers of Financing and Servicing solutions for Medical Providers who operate within the Personal Injury space. Surg-Assist provides instant liquidity to many types of Medical Providers within the Health-Care system who perform services on a Lien or “Letter of Protection” basis. Our experienced team of specialists assist Medical Lien Providers with managing cash-flow by assisting with the Financing and Servicing of Accounts Receivable linked to a Personal Injury matter or claim.

Surg-Assist focuses on pre-screening incoming clientele for Medical Providers who perform procedures on Plaintiffs involved in a Personal Injury suit or claim. We assist the Medical Provider by offering Underwriting services to help each Provider make a better decision on where to focus their time and efforts.

Surg-Assist will finance a large portion of the Account Receivables due to a Medical Provider up-front instead of waiting for each case or claim to settle, giving the Medical Provider instant liquidity and cash-flow. Unlike a bank or a financial institution, the approval process typically takes 24-48 hours and offers immediate capital to fund a Medical Provider’s cash-flow needs. Additionally, most of the Advances are with “No-Recourse”, meaning if the case is lost, the Provider has no obligation to repay. (certain conditions do apply) 

Surg-Assist will also manage the Servicing and Collections of the Medical Provider’s Accounts Receivable to ensure maximum profitability on each transaction. By offering case-monitoring and settlement negotiations, each Provider can focus on growing their business instead of wasting time with collections.


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